June 15, 2021

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Subhendu Adhikari takes oath in Bidhasabha but his security force had a collision with media personnel – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Nandigram BJP MLA Subhendu Adhikari was sworn in as MLA in the Assembly on Thursday. Shuvendu entered the assembly at 3.45 pm on this day. Trinamool Keshpur MLA Shiuli Saha was leaving the assembly room at that time. Shuvendu was accompanied by Tapsi Mandal, Manoj Tijna, Sudip Mukherjee and others. Shuvendu read the oath in almost zero assembly. Protem Speaker Subrata Mukherjee administered the oath to him.

Later, confronting the journalists, Shuvendu said that he was happy to be back. Shuvendu also commented on the post-poll violence on the day, saying no one in the state was safe. Attacking the ruling party in the state, he said, “I lost by a narrow margin in 2001 as a Trinamool candidate. The Trinamool government was almost defeated. The terror that was going on at the time has overwhelmed him. . ” However, at the same time, Shuvendu told the media, “I was not an independent candidate. I have won for a certain team. But don’t think that I will oppose everything. Work has just begun, let’s see. “

Shuvendu’s security guards got into a scuffle with a section of the media while he was talking. Journalists made allegations of harassment against them. Angered by the incident, they also lodged a written complaint in the assembly. After that it was decided that the central forces will not be able to enter the assembly from today.

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