June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Café Na-Ru-Meg adds spark of Summer Specials in the Menu

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MAY: Fresh start of a year calls for festivity and pumps up every individual to
luxuriate in the taste of delectable dishes. Poila Baisakh, the beginning of Bengali’s traditional
New Year, fills the air with positivity, exuberance and peerless ardent for gorging on plateful of
delicacies. Café Na-Ru-Meg, located at 56A, Raja Basanta Ray Road, Southern Avenue,
Kolkata- 700029, has lined up flavoursome array of multiple dishes in their summer menu to
make this year more yum-yum!
Kolkata being synonymous with food, will get to relish the taste tickling new additions in the
Café Na-Ru-Meg’s summer menu, which include Kolkata’s favourite Bengali Style Fish Fry,
served with green chutney, french fries and mustard mayo and priced at Rs 385. To satiate your
fry cravings even more, there is big fat slice of crispy Chicken Cutlet at Rs 365. Boiled egg
coated with rich minced chicken and crumb fried till crisp, the Scotch Egg will greet your taste
bud at just Rs 365. Bengali’s eternal love for fish comes baked with lemon and cheese
as Gandharaj Baked Fish at Rs 485. The classic Mutton Kasha with Saffron Pilaf (Rs 575) will
sate your appetite as you fill your mouth with soft and succulent pieces of mutton cooked with
Bengali spices and saffron pilaf. Also, Peri Peri Chicken Steak, served with spicy peri peri sauce,
fried veggies, mashed potatoes and herb rice, priced at Rs 495, will leave one craving for some
more. A plateful of Chicken Thai Curry with Steam Rice (Rs 375) makes a perfect comfort food
option as they offer tender chunks of chicken cooked in zesty Thai curry paste and served with
steam rice.
The Indian festivals have an everlasting affair with food and always give reason to people to
make it a foodie celebration. Café Na-Ru-Meg has crafted this new summer menu to add both
contentment and spark of delight to the stomach. This cosy and homey café in the lane of
Southern Avenue, is all set to deliver delicious delicacies right at your doorsteps while you stay
safe indoors!

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