June 23, 2021

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‘Corona patient’ disappeared from the hospital within two days of admission! Ajab Kaand Kolkata Medical College … Covid 19 patient lost from Calcutta Medical College Hospital this morning family is looking for her but no trace– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Corona (Covid 19) In the midst of extreme anxiety, this time the patient went missing in the heart of the city of Kolkata. Incident at Khas Medical College Hospital. The patient was admitted on suspicion of corona infection. But within two days of admission, the patient’s hadith was not found. He has gone unnoticed. When a complaint was lodged on behalf of the patient’s family, the hospital authorities retaliated by saying that no patient was admitted in that name.

It is learned that Sunita Raut was admitted to the 4th floor of the Green Building of the Calcutta Medical College Hospital at 12.30 pm on Thursday on suspicion of having corona. But the family members came to get the news of the patient on Saturday and saw that he could not be found. The family members started searching for the patient. But he was not found anywhere in the hospital or on the hospital premises. It is known that no trace of the patient has been found since Saturday morning.

Even when the patient’s family members went to see the doctors this morning, he said no patient by that name was admitted to the hospital. Even after searching everywhere in the medical college, the patient could not be found. Naturally the family of the disoriented patient. No one understands how a patient can disappear from a hospital. Hospital authorities said they were looking into the matter.

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