June 15, 2021

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Corona’s impact on teacher recruitment jobs? The recruitment process for the upper primary is lagging behind again

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#Kolkata: Is the effect of Corona going to be read in the process of hiring teachers for the upper primary? This is the news according to the School Service Commission. According to the court’s verdict, the list of successful candidates for the interview was to be published by May 10. The process is supposed to start as soon as the list of interviews is published. But how is the interview process possible in the current rate of corona infection? Not only this, if you take the interview, you may get corona infection as well as the examinees and the professors who have been interviewed. That is why the School Service Commission is going to apply behind the process of interviewing the upper primary in the court, according to the school education department. According to the commission sources, it may be a month in that case.

The process of hiring teachers in upper primary is coming to a halt due to multiple legal complications. The commission has already completed the verification phase as per the court verdict. The SSC is expected to publish the list of candidates for the interview by next Monday. But in the current Corona situation, SSC feels that it is not possible. On the other hand, SSC does not have the infrastructure to conduct virtual interviews.

Besides, a new cabinet is being formed next Monday. As a result, some officials think that there may be several decisions on SSC after the formation of the new cabinet. However, sources said that SSC will file an application in the court next week. In that case, the recruitment process for the upper primary is expected to be further delayed. There are more than 18,000 vacancies in the process of appointing teachers to the upper primary. According to the school education department, the next recruitment process will not be advertised till the completion of the recruitment process. All in all, it is certain that the process of appointing teachers to the upper primary is lagging behind due to the corner.

-Somraj Banerjee

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