June 19, 2021

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#Kolkata: Corona (Wave) is a city burdened by the news of one veteran artiste after another being attacked in Atimari. This time actress Sandhya Roy has been added to the list. The veteran Tollywood actress was admitted to RN Tagger Hospital on Friday after falling ill. He had a fever. However, the physical condition of the 60-year-old actress is known to be stable. Later, when the sample was sent for Corona Virus test, the report came back positive.

It is learned that the veteran actress started having lower abdominal pain on Thursday night. After that, actress and former MP Sandhya Roy was admitted to this private hospital. According to family sources, the veteran actress is currently undergoing treatment at home.

Sandhya Roy, once a popular actress in the Bengali film world. Tolipara is worried as soon as the news of his corona attack came to light. Artists and artisans have wished him a speedy recovery. Incidentally, he entered the world of cinema at the age of only 17 years. His first film, The Fruit of the Case, was released in 1956. After that, the actress has acted in films like ‘Dada Kirti’, ‘Chhota Boo’, ‘Alore Pipasa’, ‘Fuleshwari’. Sandhya Roy joined politics in 2014. He won the Lok Sabha elections from the Medinipur constituency in the same year on behalf of the Trinamool Congress. However, he was not seen at the polling station in 2019. This decision is known to be due to age.

Meanwhile, the state’s infection is on the rise. 17 thousand 412 people recovered on Thursday. Till May 5, 9 lakh 18 thousand 835 people have been affected by corona in the state and 11 thousand 984 people have died till May 8.

Abhijit Chand

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