June 23, 2021

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Improve the health infrastructure of the state, Mamata sent a counter letter to Harsh Vardhan

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#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has written a series of letters to Prime Minister Narendra Modi demanding vaccines and oxygen. This time Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan sent a letter to the Chief Minister In the letter, the Union Health Minister demanded that the state’s health infrastructure needs to be developed immediately

Harsh Vardhan wrote this four page letter to Mamata Banerjee on Friday There, he has raised one finger after another against the counter-state Harsh Vardhan complained that the positivity rate in some districts of the state is more than 40 percent The Union Health Minister also suggested increasing the number of tests in the state immediately

Referring to the Chief Minister’s letter to the Prime Minister to address the Corona situation, Harsh Vardhan claimed that the central government was providing every state with the necessary medical equipment, products and services to deal with the Corona epidemic, not just economic. The Union Health Minister has demanded that the Modi government extend all possible cooperation to West Bengal in the fight against Corona

In the letter, Harsh Vardhan argued that the coronary immunization program aimed at vaccinating all the people of the country step by step. Vaccine recipients are divided into different age groups based on their risk of infection and death. Harsh Vardhan wrote, “The new vaccine policy has been adopted as per the demands of the states.” As this will decentralize the vaccination process, vaccine producers will be encouraged to produce more vaccines. Besides, foreign producers will also be interested in sending their vaccines to our country This will help alleviate the vaccine crisis. “

The Union Health Minister further claimed that the Center has so far sent doses of 1,17,83,340 vaccines to the state. 6 ready to send another 2 lakh doses of vaccine to the state Apart from this, 16.36 lakh N95 masks, 4.64 lakh PPE kits, 1245 ventilators and 43.5 lakh hydroxychloroquine tablets have been provided to the states by the Center, the Union Health Minister reminded in a letter to the Chief Minister.

Harsh Vardhan also dismissed the state’s allegations about oxygen supply “Five pressure swing adsorption plants have been sanctioned for the state,” he claimed. Two of them have already been launched In addition, 649 SDI and 1504 B type oxygen cylinders have been allotted for West Bengal. Of which 800 cylinders will be given to the state before May 21 The central government is giving it all away for free. Harsh Vardhan also claimed that between April 21 and May 9, the state has been given a vial of 94,400 remediation.

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