June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

MLAs be advised to be humble, rebuke BJP, storm in CM’s first speech – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Cabinet sworn in on Monday, first cabinet meeting. Earlier, on the day of the nomination of the principal, Mamata Banerjee made her first speech in the assembly. The BJP boycotted the assembly on Saturday, the day of the principal’s nomination. In her first speech, Mamata Banerjee pointed to the Centre’s failure to stop Kovid. He scolded the BJP in vulgar language. Besides, he explained the path of the next day to the newly elected MLAs to be humble. Corona instructed the MLAs present to jump on the bandwagon. After the vote, Masnade sat on the mandate. Yet Mamata did not stop mocking the role of the Election Commission. Let’s see the essence of what Mamata said today-

Subject Bengali-Victory

Congratulations to the Honorable Principal and the newly elected MLAs and Administrators. Congratulations to the speaker. Perth Chatterjee is right in the speaker’s hat trick. It is a historical one. I think the legislature has tradition, history. Many bills have been passed, especially as a historic work. I think it is no less than the assembly. Incredible facts. It can’t happen without people’s help. Mothers and sisters of Bengal have this power. They have made history. Our government will do more to improve mothers and sisters. Congratulations to the youth society. Bengal has chosen whether Bengal will exist or not.

Demand for free vaccine from BJP campaign

There should be electoral reform. Transferring notes. The backbone of Bengal is strong. The backbone of Bengal never bows its head. Still think conspiracy. How much money did the hotel, airfare, how much money it cost. It would have been better if the vaccine had been given. 35 thousand crore is nothing to the center. Yet it did not provide vaccines for everyone. We wanted to get the vaccine at our own expense. Didn’t get it until today. Going away with oxygen. What a crime Bengal has committed! The central team has been sent to take oath within 24 hours. The people of Bengal cannot accept victory. All administrators have changed. The BJP has done what it said from the office.

Electoral violence in the state

I am not in favor of violence. I am for peace. 99% are spreading fake videos. One of the leaders of the union sent me an SMS saying that the woman had been abused. That girl is from Bengal. There was no such thing as the news I saw. Why did you disrespect a girl? They cannot bear the victory of the people

Tips from MLAs

I will tell the MLAs that there should be no unrest in the area. If anyone wants to riot, do FIR. Be more polite. We have to reach out to the people. Help corona patients. We have to do better this time. Keep in touch with people. Helping Kovid. Keep an eye out so that there is no unrest. No rioters are exempt. Covid is our biggest priority.

Rebuke the commission

Those who won at the mercy of the Election Commission boycotted. He also boycotted taking oath. If the Election Commission had not helped, it would not have got 30 seats. They are not ashamed, people have boycotted them.

Congratulations to the newcomers

Congratulations to the stars. Everyone will assembly with the mind. If there is any problem, let me know first. If there is an important bill, let me know in advance. It became a confidence motion today.

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