June 18, 2021

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Oxygen at home as soon as you call, ‘Oxygen on Wheels’

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#Kolkata: The patient in crisis in the corona needs oxygen Almost every moment, the message is being spread through various social media including Facebook Even in many hospitals, oxygen is increasing In this situation, the state government has launched ‘Oxygen on Wheels’ service to deliver oxygen to the patients at home. The service was launched on Friday at the initiative of Covid Care Network, Liver Foundation and State Health Department. The two ambulances have a total of 18 oxygen concentrators

According to the organizers, the Oxygen on Wheels service will be available by calling 7044041010/7044041015. Service 6 will be provided to the patient living at a distance of 140 km from Kolkata Physicians Abhijit Chowdhury and Gopal Krishna Dhali officially inaugurated the service from SSKM Hospital. The main goal of this service is to provide some relief to the patients before they get treatment in the hospital.

Hundreds of phones have started coming in since the service started However, entrepreneurs are acknowledging that much more money is needed to run such services As a result, the entrepreneurs have appealed to the common people to come forward with financial help

Doctor Gopal Krishna Dhali said, “Many people have stored oxygen at home unnecessarily. Some people do not want to leave the oxygen cylinder in the house again No one should do this in this difficult time ‘

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