June 19, 2021

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The movie is off, this time ‘Priya’ is going to be transformed into a corona vaccination center! Priya Cinema Hall is going to transform into a vaccination center soon– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Going to get vaccinated yourself, you have seen people standing in the sun for a long time to get vaccinated. Even many vaccination centers do not have a place to rest. There have also been cases of people falling ill after standing in line at the vaccine line to get vaccinated. Priya Cinema Hall captain Arijit Dutt came forward with this idea. The old cinema hall in the southern suburbs is about to be converted into a corona vaccination center to alleviate the problem of vaccination centers in the city.

Arijit Dutt, the head of Priya Cinema Hall, has decided to convert this fully air-conditioned auditorium into a corona vaccination center. He said, “I have seen that the senior citizens who come to get vaccinated often get sick while standing in line. They do not even get a place to rest due to lack of space.” Arijit thinks that the Priya Cinema Hall will be of great benefit to the senior citizens if it is a vaccination center. And the captain of Priya Hall also thought that it would not be very difficult to keep a social distance when it is so big. 100 people can be vaccinated every hour. This vaccination will continue for the next five to six months. Until then, the theater will be closed

The owners’ organizations decided to close single-screen cinema halls in the city and suburbs soon after the second wave of Corona erupted. Even so, the number of spectators in the halls has come down to the ground due to fear of the virus. So the owners of the single screen hall closed the hall long before the official directive to close the cinema hall came. This time, this fancy initiative on their behalf is giving confidence to the city dwellers as well.

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