Corona-Kale returned with ‘Quiz Master’, Derek in the hall with Kovid Cocent

Kolkata: He was the famous Quiz Master of the country. Derek O’Brien is now a full-fledged politician. Mamata Banerjee is a close associate of Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP. During the Corona period, he was mainly responsible for criticizing the Narendra Modi government. Whether on social media or speaking out against the center as a party spokesman, Derek is now one of the grassroots faces. He is the one who brought back the mood of the quiz this time.

Derek wrote on Twitter, ‘Awareness message also helps in difficult times. Although I volunteered for the quiz, I returned to my old incarnation after receiving a request to do a quiz about Kovid. Find out your CQ or Covid Consent. It will take only 2 minutes. ‘

Derek has a total of ten questions in ‘Covid Consent’. He has two or three options for each question. And your covid quotient will depend on the correct or incorrect answer to those ten questions.

What are the questions in Kovid Kosent? Covid-19 can spread …., Agusia, which is a symptom of Covid-19, is deficient in what, according to expert physicians, is to keep your hands clean with soap and water for at least as long as possible to ensure that the hands are clean. Should? Proning increases the oxygen level of Covid-19 patients. What to do when doing morning exercise? What is the normal level of oxygen saturation level? Derek has arranged a series of ten such important questions.

In which country was the first case of Kovid-19 caught after China? Should I wear a mask while exercising? What is the meaning of ’95’ of N95 mask? Also very common questions like. According to Derek, such questions can create awareness among the general public. That is why the Trinamool MP has again been promoted to the post of ‘Quiz Master’.

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