June 19, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Find out the number of sweet averages for BJP in the 4th Lok Sabha

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#Kolkata: Historic victory in assembly elections. And with that victory, the Trinamool Congress advanced to the eight Lok Sabha seats in the state. Fight hard in just one seat. According to political circles, out of 19 seats in the BJP’s pocket, virtually 9 seats are going to be dropped. Significantly, there are multiple seats in North and South Bengal in this list.

Analyzing the results, it has been seen that all the Lok Sabha seats that have changed the equation are Jalpaiguri, Raiganj, Balurghat, Malda North, Medinipur, Jhargram, Asansol, Burdwan, Durgapur and Barrackpore Lok Sabha seats. Let’s talk about Jalpaiguri Lok Sabha seats. In the Lok Sabha polls, the BJP got 51.83% of the vote. In the assembly it has come down to 41.89%. The BJP got 6 out of 6 assembly seats in this Lok Sabha. Only the Rajganj seat was in the hands of the Trinamool.

In the assembly polls, it was seen that Trinamool has won Rajganj, Mal and Jalpaiguri Sadar seats. BJP won Dhupguri, Mainaguri, Nagarakata and Dabgram-Phulbari. Judging by the results of the assembly polls, the BJP has won 4 seats in the Lok Sabha and the Trinamool has won 3 seats. In the Lok Sabha polls, the BJP held five seats in the Lok Sabha and the Trinamool held two seats. After the results of the assembly vote came out, it was seen that the results were reversed. The BJP has two assemblies in Raiganj and Kaliaganj. The grassroots have Goalpokhar, Chakulia, Karandighi, Islampur and Hematabad. As a result, after this assembly, BJP has 2 assemblies and Trinamool has 5 assemblies.

Now let’s come to Balurghat Lok Sabha. In this seat, BJP got 45% votes in 2019. In two years it has come down to 36%. The BJP had 6 assemblies in this Lok Sabha. The Trinamool had 1 assembly. After the results of the assembly polls came out, it was seen that the BJP has lost its strength. BJP has Balurghat, Tapan and Gangarampur seats. Kumarganj, Itahar, Harirampur and Kushmondi seats have gone to the Trinamool. As a result, while dividing the Lok Sabha based seats, it is seen that 4 seats in the hands of Trinamool and 3 seats in the hands of BJP.

Another seat to the north is Malda North. In this Lok Sabha seat, the reorganization of Lok Sabha-based assembly seats shows that the BJP has Gazol, Old Malda and Habibpur seats. The Trinamool has Chanchol, Harishchandrapur, Ratua and Maltipur seats. As a result, BJP is leading in the Lok Sabha-based assembly and Trinamool is leading in 4 seats.

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