June 15, 2021

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‘Hani Singh’ or ‘Hey New’, what is Generation Y listening to? News 18 Bangla in search of answers …

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Today is the 25th of Boishakh! No matter how much Rabithakur Rabithakur sleeps, dreams, wakes up in the day-to-day life of the year. Today is a special day It’s nice to say a little more about your loved one’s birthday, it’s better to say Happy Birthday, it’s like that too. The virtual celebration of Corona Aabah has started from the night. One after another, songs, poems and dance clippings are coming to the Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

But even in such a crowd, a question kept popping up. The next generation will be the boat of this song? In today’s nursery rhyme, online video games and gadget-ruled childhood, do you want to become the ‘Kanai Master’ and teach the darling ‘kitten’? Is there a ‘hero’ somewhere or that little ‘kid’ who is hiding with his mother? In the midst of a thousand readings, this generation asks the question, “Doesn’t one day remember the afternoon hall?”

‘Flower-grass-leaf-elephant-horse’ doesn’t look good on the twelfth of the year. ‘Thriller’ and ‘Detective Story’ are ruling the story bookshelf. But the poem ‘Deen Dan’ written by Rabindra Nath Tagore has left a mark on the mind of Miti alias Shruba Dattacharya who read it in Path Bhaban. Reading in class eight, in the words of a teen-age girl, “She didn’t give it to the temple, says the saint– this line seems to be very true somewhere even now.”

Shruba Dattacharj Photo: Shruba Shruba Dattacharj Photo: Shruba

When asked to sing, Rabindranath’s chosen date is clear: “There is a big difference between today’s environment and the time in which the poet composed his songs. So it is difficult to relate some of the songs of the season.” Still, it flows in the girl’s throat, ‘Madhavilata’s disoriented longing’! Because, Miti, who grew up with the surroundings of Bengali dance-song-poetry at school and at home, also thinks, “Another look of nature with her eyes can also be found in these songs!” And in this way, in the afternoon of Chaitra, sometimes after completing the online class, Miti, who has suddenly grown up, floats in a “huge wave”.

Sakin’s face is still not clear. In that half-utterance, “Sakhi nivrita yatne in love” sings that young face! Although it sounds very simple and beautiful, the question is how is it possible in today’s environment? Immediate reply Pallabi Bandyopadhyay’s mother said, “I wanted to make a decision, whether it was a sleep-depriving song or rhyme, Sakin grew up in a Bengali atmosphere in his childhood days.

So Sakin, whose good name is Anman Aranya, grows up hearing ‘Bulbul Pakhi Moyna-Tiye’, ‘Chup Chup Lakshmi’ as well as ‘Phule-Phule Dhole Dhole’, ‘Amar Paran Jaha Chay’

In Pallavi’s words, “Nah, I did not trust the surroundings. I decided to raise him by listening to what I have decided. So that even if he reaches the age of choice, there is a hunger to listen to a Rabindranath-Nazrul Bangla song-poem somewhere. Pallavi’s clear words are, “The responsibility is on the mothers. The child will listen and learn what will be raised. If he is brought up by his mother ‘Hani Singh’, he will learn and sing. So you have to decide for yourself how much you want to influence the child’s mind. “Like Pallavi, if the next generation wants to listen to Rabindra Sangeet, the mother has to cultivate Rabindra Bhabana from the beginning, create an environment. Today is Mother’s Day.

Modern High’s source favorite is the Korean band ‘BTS’. However, the girl of class three has recorded “palm tree standing on one leg” while sitting in a beautiful chair. He also sang for the virtual ceremony of Rabithakur’s birthday Utsar’s mother Srimanti, however, has kept him in the practice of song, dance and poetry all the year round. Corona Atimari, the practice has grown considerably in the long lockdown domestic leisure.

Utsa Mukherjee Photo: Srimanti Utsa Mukherjee
Photo: Srimanti

In the words of Srimanti, a professor by profession, “In fact, communication is very important. I hear the story of her favorite band from her. Again, she hears the story of our Santiniketan.” Srimanti emphasizes more. “If the packaging of the books is a little shiny, maybe the children of this generation will like it more. We may have a lot of nostalgia with the old books. They don’t have them. So we need to think about whether it can be made more attractive to them.” “

Hearing the stories of Utsa, Sakin and Miti awakens confidence. There is someone to hold the baton at the end of the race, there will be. In leisure-joy-sadness, they too will be exposed to the light of the sun in the coming days. Ravi Tagore’s stealth current will flow in the consciousness. And mothers have to take responsibility by avoiding responsibility. That should be the promise on this Sunday morning of Mother’s Day.

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