June 15, 2021

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Sraboni Sen talks about her notion on the presentation of Rabindranath Tagore’s songs. | ‘The aristocracy of Rabindra Sangeet should be tarnished due to lack of traditional dress’: Sraboni Sen – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Three decades have passed in the world of Rabindra Sangeet But he did not perform another song in front of countless listeners even for once He has had to face this question many times However, Sraboni Sen’s answer is still unwavering “I respectfully say that the depth I get in Rabindra Sangeet is unmatched by any other song. As a result, their songs are a bit light. “The artist added,” And besides, I can’t, I don’t know. So I am good with Rabindra Sangeet I’m fine. “

Apart from songs, Rabindranath’s short stories are also his favorite I read, I think, so many years ago, sitting in the mind of all of us? Rabindranath is next to him All the moments of life become gold with his touch Early in his career, he also experimented with Rabindra Sangeet But maintaining a sense of moderation, within certain boundaries Now it is as if that boundary is being crossed somewhere Sraboni thinks Parameter 6 is being lost in the name of experimentation So Sraboni is now in favor of practicing Rabindra Sangeet in the traditional way In his words, “Rabindranath is the last word in terms of words or melody No one should dare to think of changing all that Can be changed in case of hardware. “

But in one respect, Sraboni is still completely traditional That is, the artist’s clothing 6 He thinks that the standard dress of Rabindra Sangeet artist is sari In case of boys, at least Punjabi 7 His instruction to the students is to perform Rabindra Sangeet after sari even in domestic programs ” Rabindra Sangeet has an aristocracy I think, if you don’t wear traditional clothes, where is the disgrace of that aristocracy? Maybe an artist is singing Rabindra Sangeet well enough after wearing other clothes But even after that I think, ishish! The costume didn’t match with such a good song. “

Not only Baishakh on the 25th Sraboni has 6 days on all days of the year In particular, in the gray manuscript of Atimari, his refuge is Rabindranath “You will give me relief, not my prayer, I can swim in the power of Roy” – these two lines of the deity of life should be the mantra of all. This is the prayer of the artist who spent twenty-five Baishakh with Rabindra Srishti in the corner of the house.

Arpita Roy Chowdhury

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