June 15, 2021

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Why tax on covid equipment? Mamata’s address at Modi’s address on Sunday!

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#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state for the third time last Wednesday. And since then he has started sending about one letter a day to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Although most of the letters were for help for the state in Corona, the political circles considered it as Mamata’s subtle politics. On Sunday, the Chief Minister’s letter to the Prime Minister was also left out. In a letter on Sunday, Chief Minister Corona demanded a tax exemption on essential medical equipment from increasing oxygen supply in the Corona situation.

In today’s letter, Mamata wrote, ‘We are trying our best to handle the situation. Efforts are being made to ensure that the people of the state get oxygen and all the necessary medicines when they need it. In this situation, various voluntary organizations have also come forward to deliver oxygen to the people on time. But there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of oxygen and medicine in the state. The state has nothing to do, so the Center is requested to provide tax exemption on all medical equipment required for coronation. At the same time, there should be a limit on the supply of life-saving medicines and equipment. We will continue to deal with Corona.

Incidentally, Mamata had also written a letter to Modi last Friday regarding oxygen in the state. With statistics on the demand and supply of oxygen in the state, he wrote, ‘The Corona situation is getting worse every day. So the demand for oxygen is also increasing at a huge rate. The demand for oxygen in the last 24 hours was 480 metric tons. But the state is now getting only 306 metric tons of oxygen per day on an average. “550 metric tons of oxygen will be needed in the next 7-8 days,” Mamata said in the letter. So that the center does not take the oxygen produced in the state, and the necessary oxygen is supplied.

In the last 10 days alone, the amount of oxygen going from Bengal to other states has increased from 230 metric tons to 260 metric tons, Mamata wrote with proper statistics. But the 306 metric tons of oxygen allocated for Bengal. But now Bengal needs 550 metric tons of oxygen every day.

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