June 19, 2021

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Mamata Banerjee on Lockdown: Not Lockdown, But Act Like Lockdown to Stop Corona: Mamata Banerjee – News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: As soon as the cabinet was formed, Mamata Banerjee jumped into the fray. He bowed to the whole of Bengal and gave the message to start the work by maintaining peace and harmony. He assured that the lockdown is not being issued now. But in order to prevent people from corona, it is necessary to keep in mind what needs to be done in lockdown. From the press conference, Nirmal Ghosh Ghosh was given the responsibility of the Chief Whip. Tapas Roy will be the Deputy Chip Whip. Ashish Banerjee will be the Deputy Speaker.

Let’s take a look at what Mamata said-

Compassion for victory

This victory is the victory of development, peace, harmony. We do not want division, we want unity. This is the message we want to convey to the people. We think we were able to bring 95 percent of the people under development. I will do all the work little by little starting from the ration at the door. But don’t prioritize.

Don’t deal

I am instructing every medical college to center on oxygen. Now there are 30,000 beds. Many corporate sectors have helped us. Passed, Kishore Bharati Stadium, St. Xavier’s Safe Home and Field Hospital. Many hotels are offering free meals. We want corporates to help us. With that money we can increase the bed. The whole money will be audited. Many have already given in to oxygen. We need 550 metric tons of oxygen. I wanted three crore vaccines. GST should not be levied on Covid equipment. The government can provide free vaccines only if it spends Rs 30,000 crore.

Hand extension application

I managed the storm last time. Don’t challenge us now. My application is not lockdown but use like lockdown. Lockdown will not allow poor people to eat. So I tied the time. From small slums to multinational buildings everyone has to wear a mask. I will wash my hands with soap. Many chambers have taken charge of various markets. I will use the pujo committee to deal with it.

Appeal to the media

Don’t get excited. Extreme laws are very strict. Please work for the people. The doctors are doing their best. Small nursing homes, small hospitals are coming forward. Play a positive role.

Mamata’s message to the central delegation

BJP’s IT cell is spreading fake videos. The central team arrived in 24 hours. There is minimal courtesy to the center. The delegation is visiting the homes of BJP leaders. Mamata instructed Alapana Banerjee to ensure that everyone who comes to the state gets the RTPCR test.

Overall development

Pensions, farmer’s money, scholarships will not stop anything. Schools, medical colleges will increase. We can improve the overall quality of survival of the people of West Bengal.

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