June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Mamata, Perth, Amit, Bratya, Subrata, Firhad, his five Pandavas, kept the eight responsibilities in their hands.

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#Kolkata: Mamata’s third cabinet was formed. Many responsibilities were reshuffled. The ministers of important departments were not only given the responsibility, but also the state ministers. But most notably, Mamata Banerjee kept at least eight offices in her hands. The information that has come to light about the distribution of portfolios among the ministers of the state on this day shows that the Chief Minister himself has distributed the rest of the portfolios among the ministers while retaining the portfolios he had earlier. The Chief Minister is in charge of Home and Hills, Personnel and Administration, Health and Family Welfare, Land and Land Revenue, Refugees and Relief and Information Culture. Not only that, this time the Chief Minister has also kept the North Bengal Development Department in his hands. He did not hand over the responsibility of this office to any other minister. In other words, the development of North Bengal is now in the hands of the Chief Minister.

Apart from this, Amit Mitra is working as the finance minister of the state and is getting additional responsibilities in the statistics and planning and planning department. Subrata Mukherjee is in charge of rural development and panchayats as well as non-governmental organizations and industrial restructuring. Sadhan Pandey is getting additional responsibility of self-reliance and self-employment department by keeping his buyer protection department. Jyotipriya Mallick is getting an unconventional and renewable energy department along with the forest department. Bankimchandra Hajra is getting the office of Sundarbans Development Affairs.

Nirmal Ghosh is the chief whip of the ruling party in the newly formed state assembly. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said after the state cabinet meeting in Navanne today that it has been decided to make Tapash Roy the Deputy Chief Whip. He also said that senior MLA Ashish Bandyopadhyay would be appointed as the vice-chairman and Abdul Karim Chowdhury would also be appointed to the post if the law provides. The Chief Minister also said that the members who did not get seats in the state cabinet would be placed in different committees. A committee headed by Chief Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay has been set up to gradually implement various social security schemes as promised before the elections once the tax situation in the state improves, the chief minister said. The committee will meet next Monday.

The Bengal cabinet was sworn in at Raj Bhavan in the morning. The 43-member cabinet has its first meeting on the same day. Earlier, the Chief Minister had done the work of allocating offices among these ministers. Initially, it is seen that Amit Mitra is returning as the finance minister of the state. Perth Chatterjee is the Minister for Industry, Commerce, Information Technology and Parliamentary Affairs. Subrata Mukherjee has the Panchayat and Rural Development Department. Power is getting unbelievable faith. Firhad is getting transport. However, the food and supplies department is getting out of the hands of Jyotipriya Mallick. He is getting the forest department. Rathin Ghosh is getting food and supplies department instead.

The new face of the cabinet is Mansaranjan Bhuiyan, the Water Resources Development Department. Soumen Mohapatra got irrigation and waterways. The law and justice department is in the hands of Malay Ghatak. The jail office is also in the hands of Ujjwal Biswas. The co-operative office is in the hands of Arup Roy. Firhad Hakim is getting housing as well as housing office. Chandranath Sinha is the Minister of Small and Medium Industries and Textiles. Shobhandev Chatterjee is the Minister of Agriculture. The school and higher education department is going to Bratya Basu. The Public Health Technical Department is getting Pulak Roy. Shashi Panjar is in charge of Women, Children and Social Welfare Department. The Department of Minority Development and Madrasa Education is coming into the hands of Ghulam Rabbani. Biplob Mitra is getting Agriculture Marketing Department. Javed Khan has the Department of Disaster Management and Civil Defense. Swapan Debnath is in charge of the Livestock Development Department. Siddiqullah Chowdhury is getting the office of mass education and library.

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