June 18, 2021

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Partha Chatterjee reacts on Challenge issue after getting new ministry and reminds his success as education minister– News18 Beganli

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#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee shuffled the Bengal Cabinet Ministers. On the one hand, Bratya Basura got such an important responsibility. Partha Chatterjee was replaced by Partha Chatterjee. Perth returned to the industry after losing his job. Just as he sounded disinterested in getting a new office that day, so indirectly reminded him of his record of success in the old office.

Perth Chatterjee has returned to the industry department from education after the division of the West Bengal Cabinet Ministers on Monday. He was in charge of this office at the beginning of the first Trinamool government. However, many questions remain about his success. After that, Mamata Banerjee removed Parthababu and gave Amit Mitra additional charge of the industry department. The picture of industrialization of the state has not changed much. Perth Chatterjee, a veteran Trinamool leader, said in a message that there was not much hesitation after getting back the old office. However, he also tweeted to thank and appreciate him for working in the education department for 7 years and for cooperating with him in his work.

Speaking to reporters on the day, Perth Chatterjee said, “When I taught in art, it was a challenge. And art is a familiar field to me. I have worked in corporate for a long time. There is nothing challenging. Education was a challenge. “The situation of industry and investment around the world is worrisome in Corona’s Atimari. We have to keep in mind the message of industrialization given by the leader from there. But Amit Mitra has been given some marks in the industrial sector,” he said. Amit Da has come a long way in the industry and I will work on his advice. “

The newly-appointed Education Minister Bratya Basu and one of the senior members of the Trinamool government reminded him of his success in the education department. He said, “I have advanced a lot in education, Bratya will surely take that trend forward.” But at the same time, there was a tone of anger in his throat. In his words, “When I was in education, there were complaints about education, and now in industry, now there will be complaints about industry. But now is not the time to complain. There is an overall economic and industrial downturn. Perth commented that Mamata Banerjee would follow the road map of industrialization that she would show in the coming days by fighting the epidemic and its aftermath.

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