June 18, 2021

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The state’s opposition leader is Shuvendu, the decision was taken at a BJP meeting

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#Kolkata: Shuvendu Adhikari is the new opposition leader of the state The decision was taken at a meeting of the BJP’s parliamentary party in Kolkata on the same day Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad officially announced the name of Shuvendu Adhikari in Kolkata. Shuvendu was one of the contenders for the post of Leader of the Opposition after defeating Mamata Banerjee from Nandigram.

On the same day, all the winning BJP MLAs were called to the BJP’s election office in Hastings to elect the Leader of the Opposition. The meeting was attended by the state leadership along with two central leaders Ravi Shankar Prasad and Bhupendra Yadav.

Before joining the meeting, Mukul Roy made it clear that he was not interested in taking over as Leader of the Opposition due to his age. Incidentally, the party’s state president Dilip Ghosh and organizing general secretary Amitabh Chakraborty also met the central leadership in Delhi last Saturday to select the Leader of the Opposition.

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