June 19, 2021

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Corona situation is a big decision for the state, prisoners released on parole to reduce the crowd!

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#Kolkata: There have been reports of prisoners being infected with COVID-19 in several correctional facilities recently. In this situation, the Supreme Court gave new instructions to prevent coronavirus infection in the correctional facility. In view of this, the West Bengal government decided this time. The state government has decided to release the inmates on parole to reduce the crowds at the state correctional facilities. The work will start in phases from tomorrow, Wednesday, sources in the jail office said.

Prison officials will hold a meeting on Tuesday to discuss the current situation in Corona. That’s where the decision is made. Initially, it was decided that 2,700 convicted residents lodged in various correctional facilities in the state would be released on parole. Today’s meeting agreed that the necessary process for the release of other pending residents on bail would begin after the process of releasing them on parole began.

Arrangements will be made for residents to meet their relatives through video conferencing to prevent infection. Besides, it has been decided not to evict all the residents from the ward together. Note that several residents were similarly released on parole last year for corona infection.

On May 8, the Supreme Court gave a clear direction to a special committee comprising representatives of various states and union territories. The directive states that those who were released last year due to infection should be released on parole for 90 days. At the same time, if anyone in the jail is infected with corona, he should be given proper treatment. The apex court’s directive further said that regular inmates and jail workers should undergo coronary examination. Necessary precautions must be taken. If it does not seem urgent at this moment, the police should refrain from arresting anyone. At the same time, like last time, the country’s top court directed to make arrangements for the release of prisoners on parole. The state jail office is going to implement that instruction in practice this time.

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