June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Corona Vaccination: From today, transport workers will get the vaccine on government initiative

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#Kolkata:The state has already declared the transport workers as cowardly fighters. The process of vaccinating the workers involved in public transport to save them from corona is starting. The vaccination is being introduced in three places in Kolkata from today. Vaccination work is about to begin at Salt Lake-Howrah, Taratla Bus Depot and Kolkata Municipality Tents. A total of 300 people will be vaccinated at one depot, according to transport department sources.

According to the transport department, the new transport minister of the state, Firhad Hakim, may be present at the vaccination ceremony today. However, after the new transport minister and chairman of the municipality’s governing body took office, he said not only transport workers but also hawkers would be vaccinated. Those who are working in the open. Coming in contact with ordinary people, they are starting to be vaccinated to survive Corona. Vaccination will continue at all bus depots of the Department of Transportation. It will run everywhere in Kolkata and districts.

The Department of Transportation has asked each bus organization to compile a list of driver-conductors. They have been asked to submit all the information including their name, license number, district name, Aadhaar number and submit it to every RTO. According to that list, private transport workers will be vaccinated. Initially, the vaccination of transport workers in Kolkata has started, but then the work will be done in the district as well. Drivers and conductors will receive the vaccine. Bus organizations also welcomed the state government’s initiative. Every bus owner organization including Joint Council of Bus Syndicate, Bengal Bus Syndicate, West Bengal Bus Minibus Coordinating Association, West Bengal Bus Minibus Owners Association, City Suburban Bus Service welcomed the new Transport Minister. Tapan Bandopadhyay, general secretary of the Joint Council of Bus Syndicates, said, “We have requested the state to vaccinate the workers involved in public transport.” The state government has kept our request. Step by step all our staff will get vaccinated.

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