June 24, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

corona vaccine: Where can I get the second dose of vaccine? List publishing states

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#Kolkata:The state government has issued new guidelines on corona vaccine. After taking the first dose of the corona vaccine, many people were worried about the second dose. Almost everyone was worried about where and how to get the second dose. Among those who took the first dose of Kovid from a private hospital, there were questions about where to get the second dose.

The state government has listed a hospital where a second dose of the corona vaccine will be available. Besides, for those who have taken the first dose from a private hospital but are unable to take the second dose, a list of the second dose can be obtained from any government hospital adjacent to the private hospital.

For now, the second dose of Covid Ticker will be given from the government hospital. However, if you want to get vaccinated, you have to keep proof of taking the first dose. After taking the corona vaccine, you will receive an SMS on your mobile, just show it. Also you have to keep with you any ID proof. Voter or Aadhaar card.

How to take this vaccine? Suppose you took the first dose of Tikar from Amri Dhakuria. Then the government hospital that has been tagged with Amri Hospital, you will get the second dose from there. Once you go to the private hospital where you took the first dose of Corona, you will know which government hospital you will get the next dose from. You can get the second dose of Corona from the nearest government hospital. The state government has announced where the vaccine can be found today. This will reduce people’s worries about vaccinations. No one should worry about the second dose unnecessarily. Vaccinations can be easily obtained from this government hospital. However, keep in mind that the time of taking the second dose of your corona should not be exceeded. Before that go to the hospital and get this vaccine.

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