June 15, 2021

The Times of Bengal

Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Counterfeit sanitizer business booms in Kolkata, hundreds of liters recovered from Ezra Street

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#Kolkata: Thousands of liters of hand sanitizer are being sold every day on Ezra Street and Canning Street in Kolkata. A shop on Ezra Street has already been accused of making fake sanitizers with fake company labels. Even labels of different companies were sold from that shop. Where the manufacturer’s address was in Vinh State. The shop was raided by the enforcement branch of Kolkata police today. Police seized 360 liters of hand sanitizer in the raid. With several fake company paper labels recovered. The enforcement branch will send these sanitizers to check whether they are genuine sanitizers, said Yugalkishore Babu, inspector of the enforcement branch.

Shopkeeper Ashish Yadav has been doing this on Ezra Street for a long time. He claims that his label has been passed on to others. However, he did not want to name anyone. However, a lot of five-liter sanitizers, empty bottles and stickers were recovered from the godown. Hand sanitizers are being made like cottage industries in various alleys of Barabazar area. Someone is mixing peppermint and paint with water. Someone is making hand sanitizer by mixing some amount of alcohol and paint with water. This label is rewritten by Hu ‘.

The way the corona infection in the city has folded the forehead of the office. Five-liter hand sanitizers are available from Canning Street to Ezra Street or Forest Field Lane for Rs 120 each. The question is how this business has been going on for so long? Then the users have not been properly sanitized for so long! When you go to Canning Street in the morning, you can see people sitting on the street putting sanitizer stickers. Hands on the heads of enforcement officers. How will they prove immediately that sanitizer is number two. The criminals closed the shop and fled before realizing it.

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