June 18, 2021

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Do not put government restrictions on him in the month of Ramadan, hand fruit traders! Ramadan 2021 Fruit market is going all time high during Ramjan and sellers are suffering due to covid situation– News18 Bangla

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The holy month of Ramadan (Ramadan 2021) is underway. This month is broken by observing Iftar at a certain time in the evening after fasting all day. Iftar plate contains a variety of fruits and soft drinks. The devout Muslims break their fast by eating that. So at this time the market demand for fruits is at its peak. Fruit sellers do a good business every year during Ramadan. Despite the Corona situation this year, the market was not going bad at all. But the barrier did not cope with government restrictions and a growing contagion. So even in Ramadan, the business of fruit sellers has slowed down a bit. Everyone has been in business since the announcement of the partial lockdown.

The whole country is crying because of the second wave of corona. The picture of West Bengal is just as sad. Corona infection is on the rise in the districts of this state. Various restrictions have been introduced across the state to prevent corona infection. His reflection is visible in the city markets.

Besides, the price of fruits is also skyrocketing now. Fruit traders say, “The first fruits were selling well. The market was hit hard by Corona’s excesses. Sales were negligible. Many fruits were being wasted. Another fruit trader said,” Now the price of fruits is going up. As a result, sales are much lower. Moreover, many people are not leaving the house for fear of Corona. Some are also marketing online. That’s why we’re being beaten. “

The guidelines issued by the government say that the market should be kept open for only 5 hours. Due to lack of time, the buyers are not showing much. No discount was given to fruit shops as per the guidelines given by the government. That is why the sky is falling on the heads of fruit traders in the district and Kolkata. Fruit traders have applied for a discount on fruit shops during Ramadan. They said, “People are coming to the market less for Corona. Fruit shops have not been given any discount. It takes us an hour to set up shop. So I am having problems with the reduced sales time.”

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