June 19, 2021

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Government buses will increase on the road, Transport Minister Firhad assured with responsibility

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#Kolkata: Firhad Hakim, the state’s new transport minister, has directed to ensure that there are enough government buses on the roads, no matter how much the cost burden increases due to rising fuel prices. On the same day after taking charge, he went to the transport department for the first time and held a meeting with the officials After that, the new transport minister of the state gave this assurance to the journalists In addition, the transport minister directed to start a study to see if the auto routes connecting the new metro stations being built in the city and suburbs could be extended.

The local train is already closed Many private bus owners are not getting off the bus due to the loss In this situation, the only hope of the common man is the government bus However, a few days ago, the Chief Minister announced that fifty per cent of public transport would be run to control the corona infection. Firhad Hakim, however, said on the day that he had instructed the people to look into the matter so that they would not be harassed on the streets. More government buses will be run especially during busy times

For a long time, bus owners have been demanding an increase in fares Government corporations are also struggling to cope with the high cost of fuel. To solve the problem, the minister stressed on running more electric buses However, the minister acknowledged that a sufficient number of recharge stations need to be set up first The transport minister has directed the West Bengal Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation to set up more recharge stations for electric vehicles. Besides, strict steps will be taken to prevent overloading, said Firhad Hakim

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