June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

The death rate has not decreased, the state has not released the daily corona 20 thousand! Corona surge in Bengal within last 24 hours number of infected covid positive patient crossed 20 thousand– News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Daily Corona infection crossed 20,000 in the state on Tuesday, breaking all previous records. According to the bulletin of the state health department, 20,137 people have been newly infected with corona in the last 24 hours in the state. Although there is no new record of daily deaths in the state on this day, the concern has not abated. After 134 people on Monday, 132 people died in one day on Tuesday. So the death rate remained virtually the same today. However, the overall recovery rate remained stable due to record recovery.

According to a bulletin released on Tuesday, the number of corona attacks in the state in a single day is 20,136. This report is based on information obtained from 9 a.m. Monday to 9 a.m. Tuesday. As a result, the number of sprains in the state has increased to 10,32,640. In Kolkata and North 24 Parganas 2 districts, the infection is still around 4,000. Howrah – In Hughli, South 24 Parganas and Nadia, the infection is over 1,000. A total of 132 people have died in the state. Of these, 39 died in North 24 Parganas and 36 in Calcutta. 15 people have died in South 24 Parganas. 6 people have died in Jalpaiguri. In Darjeeling and Hooghly, 6 people were killed by corona. As a result, the total death toll in the state was 12,593.

However, even in the dark times of Corona, Rupoli can be seen looking at the recovery rate. About 19,000 people have recovered in the state. Of these, about 4,000 have recovered in Kolkata and about 3,600 in the North 24 Parganas. As a result, the total number of recoveries has increased to 8,92,484. On this day, the number of active cases has increased to 1,010 in the state. As a result, the total number of active cases has increased to 1,26,73. A record 6,142 corona samples were tested in the state on the day.

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