June 18, 2021

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Uncertainty about secondary in June! How to number instead of test? Board’s opinion sought – News18 Bangla

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Kolkata: It is virtually impossible for the secondary examination to start from June 1. That is what the board thinks. The Board of Secondary Education is facing multiple complications in the current Corona situation. The Board of Secondary Education is facing problems especially due to the closure of local train services. Besides, the board is worried about how to get government officials in Corona situation. Each test center has a government official to conduct the test. But in the current situation, the board thinks it is practically impossible to get it. On the other hand, the school education department has sought the opinion of the board of secondary education on how the students will be given marks if the examination is not held, the source said.

The board has to send the answer sheets to different districts before the secondary examination starts. It has to be sent mainly by train. But it has not been possible to send it yet, as Rail has not yet taken any booking from the board to send the reply letter. That is the news according to the board sources. According to board sources, the local train service has been suspended due to the current Corona situation, so the railways is not taking bookings from the board to send the reply. For the last few years, there has been one government official in each of the various examination centers of the secondary school mainly for conducting the examination system. The board is concerned about how this can be achieved in the current Corona situation. According to the board, the number of secondary candidates this time is about 12 lakh. Besides, the number of test centers has been increased this time as compared to last time due to the current Corona situation. Where there were 2639 test centers last time, this time it has been increased to 4 thousand, according to the board sources.

However, the board had started all the preparations for the exam. The Board of Secondary Education also finalized the number of students in each house in the Corona situation. But the Board of Secondary Education is concerned that taking the test could be risky enough at the current rate of corona infection. However, no final decision has been taken by the state on the issue. Besides, opinions have also been sought from the school education department If the test is taken then how can the number of students be given. According to the board sources, the officials of the board are also worried about how the marks of the secondary will be given in the marksheet if there is no examination. In that case, does the secondary number of this year depend on the result of the ninth class annual examination? According to the sources, the board officials have started discussions about that.

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