June 15, 2021

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Family of Rishabh Mondal denies to take compensation I don’t want compensation, let the government stop such accidents with that money, petitioner Rishabh’s family – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: Didi’s marriage is 6 The only hope of his parents was a 25-year-old man At just 25 years old, Farakka’s Rishabh Mandal was fulfilling his parents’ dream of joining the state-owned oil company as an engineer. But the accident on Tuesday evening ended all dreams Rishabh died after falling into the frozen water of the road and getting electrocuted The only question for Rishabh’s family and acquaintances when they came to collect his body in Calcutta was, who is responsible for this accident?

After the death of Rishabh, a resident of Farakka, a compensation of Rs 2 lakh was announced by the Calcutta Municipality. Although Keshab Chandra Palit, the son-in-law of the deceased, has made it clear on the day, they do not want compensation. Instead, Rishabh’s son-in-law suggested that the government spend the money to ensure that such accidents do not happen again. Rishabh’s sister Bijeta Mandal Palit, who lost her only brother in mourning, said, ‘Did we expect my brother to be in this condition today due to the negligence of the government? The government wants to forget with money I am giving ten times the money to the government, will the government be able to return my brother? ‘

Rishabh’s elderly parents wait for their son’s body at their home in the Nabarun area of ​​Farakka NTPC. Rishabh also spoke to the family on the phone on Tuesday afternoon After that, this terrible bad news reached home at night Several acquaintances, including Rishabh’s son-in-law, arrived at the SSKM hospital on the same day to collect the body. Rishabh’s son-in-law, who was waiting there, helplessly asked, ‘Tell me what to do about the compensation? Who is responsible for this fate of the only son of the house? I can’t think of how to stand in front of my parents with his body. ‘

His bereaved family has yet to decide whether they will take legal action against Rishabh’s death. After returning to Farakka with the body, they may take the final decision The police have also informed that the next step will be informed after the autopsy report is received

The phenomenon of electrocution in stagnant water is not new in Calcutta Yet lessons are not learned from past mistakes Transport Minister Firhad Hakim also acknowledged that such accidents could not be prevented unless those involved in power theft were severely punished. He also promised to talk to Power Minister Arup Biswas about this The power minister also assured to look into the real cause of the incident But it was too late to do all this Another life was lost Tartaja Rishabh, who came to work in Calcutta, lost his life without any guilt

Biswajit Saha / Pranab Kumar Banerjee

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