June 15, 2021

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Higher secondary on the way to secondary, backwards or canceled the exam? What the parliament said …

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#Kolkata: In the face of Corona’s final attack, will the state’s Madhyamik Examination follow the schedule? Or will it be suspended or canceled? The West Bengal Board of Higher Secondary Education (HBEE) has hinted that the HS Examination may be delayed. Mahua Das, president of the Higher Secondary Education Parliament, said on Wednesday that the secondary examination could be postponed due to the Corona situation. Parliament is waiting for the government’s decision.

On this day, he said, ‘There is nothing more valuable than the life of the examinees. May be after the test. But whenever there is an examination, it will be in one’s own school. ‘ After the second wave hit, the corona that has grown in the whole country, Bengal is no exception. And it is clear that in this situation secondary examination cannot be taken in this state. However, discussions are going on about whether the test will be canceled or not. A detailed report on the secondary examination has already been sent to the Chief Minister after a meeting of the Board of Secondary Education with the State School Education Secretary.

Although the secondary examination is scheduled to start from June 1, it is not possible to do so in the current situation Local trains have been stopped. The local train was the main hope of the council in sending the answer sheets to the districts The school education department has also asked the board how the students will be given marks if the exams are not held. Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay, president of the Board of Secondary Education, said, “For the time being, the scheduled schedule, i.e. the secondary examination, which was supposed to start on June 1 and end on June 10 as an optional subject, is not happening. It will be decided whether to go back or not and talk to the government. ”

Kalyanmoy Gangopadhyay, president of the Board of Secondary Education, also spoke on the phone about the uncertainty created about the future of secondary examinations. From that meeting, a detailed report on the state of preparation for the secondary examination has been prepared and sent to the Chief Minister’s Office. And when it is almost taken for granted that the secondary examination is not being held on time, then the President also gave a hint that the higher secondary is also lagging behind.

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