June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

How is the patient affected by corona, the information is coming out of the hospital as soon as the cash is handed over

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#Kolkata: Should your corona patient’s food reach the hospital bed? Then clearly, throw away the cow – makho oil. Such is the situation in the Green Building of the Medical College Hospital. If you want to give food to your patient, then you have to pay a minimum of 50 – 200 rupees with food. Otherwise the food will not reach your patient. If you want to talk to the patient about it, it will cost extra money again.

Many of the relatives of the corona patient are sitting in front of the green building Someone wants to talk to his family once on the phone. Someone wants to send a little food. Those who have contact easily call the nurse inside the hospital ward. The nurse comes, takes the money and delivers it to the patient. News18 Bangla went to the scene and saw the whole picture Seen a young man of twenty-five a year. That mediator does the job

There are also cases where a patient’s family pays 50 rupees for each meal. Someone says that he was forced to pay 130 rupees the day before. Everyone is forced to pay. The person who paid 50 rupees two to three times a day is a resident of Sonarpur. Rickshaw puller by profession. His statement is that two people stay in the hospital premises all day. Starting with food, the cost is much higher. Although it is very difficult for him, he has to pay 50 rupees, there is nothing to do.

A man from Barasat said his wife was admitted to the fourth floor of the building. His speech is going to be twenty, fifty, one hundred, one hundred and fifty. There is no harm in that. The food given to his wife is safely reaching his wife. He is also getting the news of when and how. However, the hospital staff, after taking the money, assured everyone that the food would reach the patient safely. So that’s what everyone is doing now. This has become the norm in the hospital.


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