June 18, 2021

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Jagdeep Dhankhar: Constitution is human, reconsider your position, Mamata’s letter to Shitalkuchi

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Kolkata: Again Governor vs. State Government clash. This time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has spoken out against Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar’s visit to Kochbihar. The Chief Minister also wrote a letter to the Governor in strict language. In the letter, Mamata claimed that Governor Dhankhar was not following government policies and protocols. However, the governor also tweeted the answer on Wednesday He also wrote to the Chief Minister requesting him to reconsider his position Uni is also responsible for the constitution after taking oath In this difficult time, people’s problems need to be highlighted For this, all kinds of cooperation will be provided in accordance with the rules of the constitution

The governor will visit various areas of Kochbihar, including Shitalkuchi, to check the post-poll violence. He will visit Kochbihar on Thursday in a central army helicopter. The governor announced the visit on Tuesday. However, he said that in a tweet. And here is Mamata’s strong objection.

Why the governor took a one-sided decision about the visit on social media! As per the rules, the governor should have informed the state government and the concerned district administration about the visit. But he did not. Instead, Governor Dhankhar broke protocol by announcing on social media that he planned to visit a specific district to investigate the post-poll violence situation. Mamata has made such a demand in a letter today. Mamata further claimed that if the governor decides to visit the district, it is the rule of the secretary to the governor to communicate with the state government. But in this case, leaving the state government in complete darkness, the governor has decided to visit Kochbihar on May 13. Which is against the government rules and regulations.

Mamata Banerjee had written several letters to the Governor during her last term as Chief Minister In it, he said, the post of governor is only a constitutional rhetorical post The Chief Minister is the elected representative of the people The way the governor is instructing the officers of the administration to avoid him is not correct

The unilateral decision of the Governor violated the Protocol of the 1990 Manual of Protocols and Ceremonials of the State Home Department. The Chief Minister also mentioned that in the letter. Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar also summoned the state chief secretary and police DG to look into the situation of violence in the state after the polls. The governor had alleged that he had repeatedly informed the state about the post-poll violence but had not received any response. So he wants to physically visit the areas affected by violence. This letter bomb of Mamta a few hours before his visit! The conflict between the governor and the state could reach a climax once again.

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