June 19, 2021

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Tanks are sitting in the port hospital to meet the demand for oxygen

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#Kolkata: This time an oxygen tank is being installed at Calcutta Port Hospital. The decision was taken to keep the oxygen supply to the patients being treated at the port hospital uninterrupted. It has been decided to install a liquid oxygen tank with a capacity of 3,000 liters at the port hospital Work has already started on the port hospital. This will be assisted by Linde, a multinational company supplying oxygen in West Bengal.

Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Port Chairman Binit Kumar said the oxygen tank could meet the demand for oxygen for at least a month. Linde will continue to supply liquid oxygen to the port hospital as per the demand. The port authorities have been taking multiple measures in the last one year in the Covid situation. The Kolkata unit of Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Port Hospital has 130 coveted beds. There is ventilator and HFN facility. A special team has been formed to treat Kovid. There are also 100 beds with direct or central supply of oxygen.

Binit Kumar, chairman of the port, said the number of cove beds has been increased on the instructions of the shipping ministry. It has been decided to install liquid oxygen tanks as per their plan. At present 93 patients are undergoing treatment at this hospital in Majherhat. To meet the oxygen demand of the patients, 10 jumbo oxygen cylinders have to be refilled 6 times a day. But since the supply of oxygen is not always adequate, it has been decided to install tanks quickly. Port Chairman Binit Kumar said a 3,000-liter liquid oxygen tank was being installed at the Port Hospital in Majherhat. Which will be launched soon. Apart from Kolkata Hospital, Haldia Hospital is also undergoing emergency treatment. Especially if a sailor or other ship’s crew or a port worker is ill so that quick action can be taken. Along with this, emphasis has been laid on transparency


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