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#Kolkata: The economy of the poor people of the country and the state is devastated due to Kovid infection. But even after thirteen days, the free ration service of the center could not be launched in the state. It was decided that rations would be given at the rate of 5 kg per capita in May and June under the Prime Minister’s Poor Welfare Food Scheme. According to the Ration Dealers Association, what was introduced in other states has not been introduced in this state even after 13 days. They complained that the Food Corporation of India has not yet been able to procure the paddy allotted for the state. As a result, the plan to give rations to the Center in the state was delayed due to Kovid.

In February this year, the central government announced that two more months of free rations would be provided by the center during Kovid’s tenure. Accordingly, all the state units of the Food Corporation of India were instructed The Ration Dealers Association was informed about the project through them. They also ask the ration shops to be prepared. But even after eight days in May, ration distribution could not start in any part of the state. Many of the ration dealers, however, have accused the whole incident of deprivation to the state.

According to Food Corporation of India sources, several of their workers in the state are affected by Corona. Several officials have been attacked in Corona. As a result, the process is stuck. There is no reason to think that someone other than these officers will come and work. As a result, there is no one to take care of the purchase and distribution of rice allotted to the ration recipients in this state. State Food Department informed about the whole incident.

“The Food Corporation of India has not yet been able to procure free rice for the state as per the allocation made by the Center. In addition, many of its workers are now suffering from covid. As a result, the problem has started,” the state food department said. A part of the center, however, thought that rice would be bought from outside the state and given here as rations. But the organization of ration dealers does not agree to that Vishwambhar Basu, general secretary of the Ration Dealers Federation, said, “The Food Corporation of India has not taken any initiative to buy rice before. Besides, the rice from our state is of excellent quality. If given, it will create unrest. So we do not agree. ” No one is yet sure when the ration of the center will be launched. That is why the organization of ration dealers wants to approach the Ministry of Food.

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