June 20, 2021

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3 arrested by KP 2600 Taka RemDCV sold for 25000 Taka! Buyers seize black market hooliganism branch – News18 Bangla

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#Kolkata: The black market of Remdesivir black marketing was caught by the buyer Seje Remdesivir black market. A total of three people were arrested from Diamond Harbor on Wednesday. Allegedly, they were selling Rs. According to police sources, the detainees had a total of 132 cartoons of RemDCV. The names of the arrested are Rajkumar Roychowdhury, Debabrata Sahu, Indrajith Sahu.

The people of the state are lost in the extreme situation. Concerns are growing on the foreheads of health experts. In the midst of this, RMDCV is like the moon in the hand. And in the meantime, the black marketeers have come down realizing the opportunity. Somewhere counterfeit drugs are being sold, somewhere they are driving up prices. The Gundadman branch of Lalbazar finds such a hole. They continue to increase customer contact. All the three accused asked them to meet at a specific place to buy RMDCV. The officials of the buyer Sej Gundadaman branch also went there. It is seen that these drugs are being sold at at least 25 times the price, which is the only source of life for millions of people. Police immediately arrested the three.

The police are investigating where this network is. There are many complaints about the sale of private hospital beds from medicines.

On Wednesday afternoon, the police arrested two youths from Sealdah along with 10 vials of RemDCV from Bangladesh. Currently, the biggest challenge for the police is to stop the black market and vicious cycle of this drug.

-Report by Sukanta Majumdar

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