June 20, 2021

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Black market is going on on social media with the opportunity of Atimari, warning Kolkata Police!

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#Kolkata: From Oxygen Crisis to hospital beds, the state is crying like the rest of the country. And with that opportunity, the fraudulent cycle (Black Marketing) has sprung up. The black market is booming. This time, the Kolkata Police is working hard to stop this kind of fraud. They issued a formal notification and appealed to the people to be aware. The Kolkata Police has also requested the police to immediately inform the police about such allegations. In that case, they have promised to take strict action.

Humans are vulnerable to the corona virus. Every day thousands of people are infected with this virus. Death is on the rise. There are no hospital beds. No oxygen. There is a crisis of plasma and emergency medicine everywhere. Patients and relatives of patients are highlighting their helplessness and need on social media in the hope of a little help. And in response to those social media posts, a group of black hands is coming forward in the name of help. And with the promise of help, he is cheating a large amount of money. After getting the money in the online payment, those fake ‘helpers’ are no longer seen. This time, the Kolkata police took strong steps to warn the net-citizens on social media.

Meanwhile, one black market allegation after another has already been raised in the city of Kolkata. These cycles continue to annihilate multiple families in the city by selling medical equipment, including emergency medicines, at exorbitant prices, taking advantage of the helplessness of the coveted situation. 3 people were caught by the police yesterday. It is known that they were selling Remdejivi for 2500 rupees for 2500 rupees. The Kolkata Police has assured that they are determined to stop this kind of black market. If anyone encounters or is aware of this type of experience, they should report it to the police immediately.

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