June 23, 2021

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East-West Metro tunnel construction to be completed tomorrow – News18 Bangla

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Kolkata: The tunneling work of the East-West Metro project is finally coming to an end after many battles and blows. Today, Thursday night or tomorrow, the tunnel to Boubazar will end on Friday morning.

The tunnel was being dug from Sealdah to Boubazar. Seeing the good time, the tunnel boring machine Urbi is going to break the diaphragm wall. On 31st August 2019, the tunnel boring machine Chandi was heading towards Sealdah under Durga Pituri Lane in Boubazar. And that is what caused the disaster. Within a few hours, 20 houses collapsed. About 64 houses in the whole area collapsed. Multiple houses have been damaged in such a way that they have to be completely demolished and rebuilt. Due to which, the dream of crossing Howrah-Sealdah on the metro route comes true. Although the tunneling work has been completed, there is still a long way to go. Because the machine that caused the accident while operating the tunnel boring machine is still stuck under the ground in Boubazar. He will be brought to the ground in pieces.

For which a huge shaft has been made in Durga Pituri Lane of Boubazar. However, with the permission of the court, the tunnel boring machine started working from Urbi Boubazar to Sealdah. From there he came back to Boubazar. Rupak Sarkar, project director of the company that is working, said, “We may be able to pick up Chandi by November. It will be picked up piecemeal. Then we will pick up another TBM.” The main work will be completed. Now the question is when will the Metro between Howrah and Sealdah be started? Multiple stations are being worked on fast.

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