June 23, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

‘How will they survive?’ Modi government in the face of migratory questions in the Supreme Court!

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New Delhi: Last year, during the Corona period, the plight of migrant workers was seen all over the country. Migrant workers at Lockdown walked a long way to get home. Some people could not bear the pain and lost their lives on the way. The Corona situation in the country did not become so dire then, yet the country saw the death march of migrant workers. The role of the central government was criticized. This time too he is not doing otherwise. The Modi government is in a quandary because of the Corona situation in the whole country. In this situation, the Center also came under strict scrutiny of the migrant workers.

The Supreme Court has expressed concern over the situation and health of migrant workers in the second wave of Corona as well as the first wave. Although there is no overall lockdown in the whole country, continuous lockdown is going on in different states. In this situation, the bench of Supreme Court Justice Ashok Bhushan and Justice MR Shah said to the Center, ‘Migrant workers have no work, no money. How will they survive? ‘

Incidentally, migrant workers were disoriented by the sudden announcement of a lockdown during Corona’s first attack. Many workers did not even eat a little. Lawyer Prashant Bhushan demanded the immediate intervention of the apex court to ensure food, dry rations, cash and travel facilities for the migrant workers as soon as the second wave of corona strikes. At the hearing of that case, it came out that the situation is going to be the same again as it was during the lockdown last year.

At the hearing against the central government, the petitioner said that the government lacks sympathy for the situation in the country. Food security programs are only for people who have ration cards. Last year, 60 million migrant workers without ration cards were given dry rations during the Corona situation. The country’s top court has been asked to launch this project again.

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