June 20, 2021

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Lots of work left, so the office is home now! The University of Bengal is showing the way in Corona

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Kolkata: Now work from office. At least this model was introduced at the state university on Thursday. Officials, ranging from multiple employees of the state BEd University, are being attacked in Corona. On the other hand, all the preparations for the exam including registration of about 40,000 students are left. Although it was an online exam, BEd University took this decision for the sake of registration. Some of the BEd university staff have started working from the hostel since Wednesday night. This arrangement is primarily for university staff who are associated with the Department of Registration and Examinations. In this regard, Vice Chancellor Soma Banerjee said, “This decision has been taken keeping in mind the health of the staff and officials. For the time being, they will manage all the work from the university.”

There are hundreds of BEd colleges across the state. Although the exam is online, its registration is very important with the university. In the current Corona situation, one worker after another was being attacked by Corona. In such a situation, it was becoming very difficult for the university authorities to register the students. In such a situation, the employees are requested by the university authorities whether they want to work from the university or not. This step was taken by the university after responding to the request of the authorities. Separate accommodation has been arranged for male and female staff at the University’s Girls and Boys Hostel since Thursday. The university’s deputy registrar Swapan Roy said that not only accommodation but also food and other arrangements are being made by the university authorities.

The university is happy with this management, starting from the university staff to the officials. Originally workers were traveling daily from multiple places, including Burdwan Sheoraphuli. A worker from Katwa in Burdwan said, “I was very reassured by the management of the university in the way the bus had to be crowded. We benefited a lot from this.” A female university worker from Basirhat said, “As a result of this move by the university, at least we are much safer from the place where the corona is affected.” However, not only the workshop office but also the university has started taking steps to vaccinate all the staff and officials, university sources said.

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