June 15, 2021

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After his wife, Corona himself was attacked, leaving his 6-month-old son on the street and trying to escape

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#Kolkata: Wife 6 was infected with corona for about two weeks The husband was taking care of the seven-month-old baby But on Thursday evening, the report of the person’s corona test also came positive And then this morning, the father tried to escape by throwing the 6-month-old baby on the way to Kolkata Eventually, the baby was rescued by a local resident, ward coordinator and police and handed over to his mother. The child’s father has been admitted to the hospital

The incident took place this morning at No. 8, Elgin Road, No. 8, South Kolkata Locals suddenly saw a man trying to escape by throwing a child on the sidewalk The locals immediately caught the man Asim Basu, co-ordinator of ward 70 of Kolkata municipality, was informed.

Police rescued the child and his accomplice The man could say his name but could not say his home address Asimbabu 7 took the child to his house The news was given to Bhabanipur police station 7 It can be seen that the person with the child is behaving incoherently Sometimes he used to pour water on himself Ward Coordinator Asimbabu started searching for his family on social media with a picture of the child. The news spread in the media

The family, a resident of Kankurgachhi area, lodged a complaint with the Phulbagan police station after the child and his father were not found since this morning. Later, after getting the news of the child in the media, the police came to Bhabanipur with his family The mother of the child claimed that her husband had never had any mental problem before On this morning, he suddenly left the house with the child Initially, it is believed that the person lost his mental balance due to corona attack after his wife Eventually the baby was handed over to his mother The sick person was admitted to Amri Hospital in Dhakuria Don’t go back to the house of the crab with the baby

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