June 15, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Black market help center? Covishield is accused of extending the deadline to increase prices

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Kolkata: Terrible situation in India. The Covid Second Wave has devastated a country of 1.3 billion people. Vaccine-drug famine all around. Lack of oxygen led to death. And for the whole situation, the opposition is pointing fingers at the Modi government. Why crores of vaccines have been sent abroad without vaccinating the people of the country is also being questioned. In this situation, the Center has announced to extend the time limit between the two doses of Covishield corona vaccine of Serum Institute. It said there should be a gap of at least 12 to 18 weeks between the first Covishield vaccine and the second dose. There is a storm of criticism about it. This time the ruling party of the state Trinamool also came down. MP Sukhendu Shekhar Roy complained, ‘Selectively extended the time with Kovishield. That means there is a black market behind it. It is doing it to raise prices. The time limit was increased. Let it be investigated. ‘

Incidentally, vaccination started in the country on January 16. But there have been allegations of shortage of vaccines from the beginning. The situation then spiraled out of control when a second wave of corona struck. Meanwhile, the center has decided to increase the gap between the two ticks of Kovishield on Thursday. This is the second time in the last 3 months that the gap has been widened. That is why intense criticism has started.

On the other hand, the money of Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi is in the account of farmers of the state for the first time today. The central government on Friday claimed that Rs 2,000 had been deposited in the bank accounts of about 600,000 farmers in West Bengal. And with that, the pressure between the center and the state has started once again Sukhendu Shekhar said, ‘The state had written to the Center more than once. Repeated requests have been made to send money. Although no help from the beginning. Today he beat 2,000 drums and gave 2,000 wheels. Although the state did not invite. The Modi government wants to keep the state out of India. We demand that the farmers have to pay regularly.

That is the source of the mockery of the Trinamool MPs, ‘Modi is giving a slogan to the United States. And every step of Modi is one centered. The central government is denying the constitution. Incidentally, the RSS has also started targeting the BJP due to the disaster in Bengal. Just as the RSS has claimed that popular figures like Mamata Banerjee were not in the BJP, they have also been vocal against breaking the grassroots and filling the BJP. Sukhendu Shekhar did not stop attacking the BJP. Said, ‘RSS understood too late. One (read, Narendra Modi) cannot be found. I heard that there was an FIR in Delhi to find another person (read, Amit Shah). The people of India don’t really want to see them anymore. ‘

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