June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Covishield Second Dose: The second dose of Covishield will be available at least 12 weeks later, with new rules in the state from Saturday.

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#Kolkata: At first it was 4 to 6 weeks After that it increased from 6 to 6 weeks This time, the second dose will be given at least 12 weeks after the first dose of Covishield, as directed by the central government. This means that the difference between the two doses increased to at least 64 days, or about three months

Following the National Technical Advisory Group’s advice on vaccination, the central government has increased the difference between the doses of the two vaccines from 12 to 18 weeks. The decision is effective from Saturday in all government hospitals and vaccination centers in the state Those who went to the SSKM hospital on the same day were also informed that those who received the first dose of Covishield 42 to 56 days ago would be vaccinated for the last time on the same day. The Covishield vaccine will not be available until at least 12 weeks from Saturday

After the Centre’s decision, it was alleged that the government was trying to address the situation by widening the gap between the two doses due to a shortage of vaccines. Although the expert committee has made the proposal to the government, they are dismissing the allegations NK Aurora, chairman of the expert committee, claimed that the difference between the two doses of Kovishield had been widened on a purely scientific basis. Ticker deficiency has nothing to do with it NK Aurora also demanded that the government look into the benefits of increasing the difference between the two doses. According to him, scientific data shows that the difference between the two doses of Covishield is more than three months and its effectiveness is 75 to 8 percent. The expert claimed that some scientific analyzes initially suggested a 44-week difference between the two doses. In Canada, it has been done for four months

NK Aurora further claimed that if the difference between the doses of the two vaccines was increased by one month, the dose of 60 to 70 million vaccines would be in excess. As a result, it will not change much compared to the current situation At the same time, he assured that those who have received the first two doses of Covishield vaccine in a month’s time have no reason to worry. This vaccine will work well enough to make antibodies in their body

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