June 18, 2021

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Mamata to Modi: ‘I got permission from 70 oxygen plants for chart!’ Mamata slaps Modi again

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#Kolkata: In just over a week, Mamata Banerjee has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of the state for the third time. And since then he has started sending a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi almost every day. Although most of the letters are for help for the state in Corona, the political circles consider it as Mamata’s subtle politics. Earlier, the Chief Minister had demanded an increase in oxygen supply to the state in the Corona situation, writing that tax exemption should be given on Corona’s medical equipment. And on the day when the farmers of the state received Rs 2,000 from the first central government’s Kisan Samman Nidhi project, the Chief Minister wrote a letter to the Prime Minister again. This time the issue is the state’s oxygen plant.

In the letter, Mamata Banerjee wrote, “The government wants to set up PSA oxygen plants in state hospitals to address the oxygen shortage in the Corona situation. The state plans to set up 60 such plants. But only four have been approved by the Center. I am drawing your attention to this matter. ‘ In a letter to the Prime Minister on Wednesday, Mamata requested the country to bring the vaccine even if it is needed from abroad. Already, several states have begun pushing for vaccines from outside.

Earlier, however, Mamata had expressed anger over the state’s oxygen availability. In a letter to Modi a few days ago, Mamata wrote, ‘The demand for oxygen is increasing every day in the Corona situation. The demand for oxygen in the last 24 hours was 480 metric tons. But the state is now getting an average of 306 metric tons of oxygen per day. In a few days, 550 metric tons of oxygen will be needed. So the Chief Minister pleaded with the Prime Minister that the Center should no longer take the oxygen allocated for the state, and provide the necessary oxygen.

On the other hand, despite the final increase in corona infection in India, there is not enough vaccine to be found. Several states have made such allegations. They claim that the vaccination program has been stopped due to lack of vaccine. West Bengal is also on that list. Many BJP-ruled states have also complained that they are not getting enough vaccines even after applying to the central government for vaccinations. In that case, several states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Odisha have taken initiative to buy vaccines directly from abroad.

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