June 18, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

The situation in North 24 Parganas is terrible, so is Kolkata! Hope is the rate of recovery

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#Kolkata: Corona cases in Bengal are on par with the rest of the country. The number of victims is increasing day by day. A new record is being set. Corona infection (Covid-19) also set a new record in the state on Thursday. The number of daily infections reached about 21,000. At the same time 136 people have died. However, showing some hope, the daily recovery in the state is over 19 thousand.

According to the health department’s bulletin, 20,746 people were infected with corona in the state on Friday, according to the health department’s bulletin, from 9am on Wednesday to 9am on Thursday. The highest number of infections occurred in North 24 Parganas. There were 4,196 people infected. The number of infections in Kolkata is around 4,000. As a result of the new infection, the total number of corona patients in the state has increased to 10,94,602.

136 people have died in the state even today due to anxiety. Of these, 34 died in Kolkata and 42 in North 24 Parganas. In the rest of the districts, deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours. As a result, a total of 12,993 deaths have been reported in the state.

More than 60,000 samples of corona have been tested in the state on this day. The overall recovery rate remained unchanged that day. In the light of hope, 19,131 people have been released from taxes. The number of active patients has also decreased in several districts including Kolkata. However, the number of active cases has also increased in the state due to the increase in infections. On this day, 1,589 active cases of corona have increased in the state. As a result, the total number of active cases is 1,31,792.

Meanwhile, in the emergency situation, starting from Oxygen Crisis to hospital beds, there is wailing in the state like the whole country. And with that opportunity, the fraudulent cycle (Black Marketing) has sprung up. The black market is booming. This time, the Kolkata Police is working hard to stop this kind of fraud. They issued a formal notification and appealed to the people to be aware. The Kolkata police has also requested to immediately inform the police about such allegations. In that case, they have promised to take strict action.

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