June 19, 2021

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This time the migrant workers will also have a roof over their heads, the housing department is starting work

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#Kolkata: This time the state government is going to make arrangements for the migrant workers. The state government will build housing for migrant workers. Minister Firhad Hakim has instructed the officials to take action in this regard with the responsibility of the housing department. Various agencies will already be approached through the Labor Department for this work. The department wants the agency that will bring in migrant workers from the state of Vienna or the district of Vienna to hire specific housing units from the housing department. Arrangements will be made to keep the migrant workers there. As a result, migrant workers do not have to live in a dirty, opaque environment.

Housing Minister Firhad Hakim said, “Various organizations have brought workers from districts or other states to work in various manufacturing and construction-oriented industries in Kolkata and other districts. Although there is no healthy housing for all these workers. Most workers therefore live either on sidewalks or in empty fields. In many cases, as in the case of accidents, government land is forcibly re-occupied. So this time housing is being created for the workers which will be rented by that company or organization. “When the work is completed or the contract is terminated, the housing department will take it back.

On the other hand, the department is going to take new initiatives this time to increase the income of the housing department. It has been decided that all the LIG and MIG flats of the housing department across the state are being identified. Those who are on hire will be identified. Then the flat will be sold to them. This will greatly reduce the amount of money the office has to spend on maintenance each year. In addition, the conflict with those who are sitting forcibly will be reduced. Housing Minister Firhad Hakim said, “Anyone who buys a flat will form a co-operative and maintain the house themselves.” For now, the housing department is trying to increase its income in this way.

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