June 15, 2021

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E-pass of Kolkata Police resumed, pass will be matched in online application

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#Kolkata: The e-pass of Kolkata Police was the first wave last year. A set of guidelines is going to be issued again from Sunday. This pass will only be available for emergency services and online services. The application procedure has been kept the same as before. This pass will be available to those who are associated with emergency services and online services.

The website of Kolkata Police is https://coronapass.kolkatapolice.org. The e-pass of Kolkata Police will be similar this year as it was based on some information last year. A pharmacist by profession has applauded the initiative. He said that during the lockdown on the road, the police arrested him for various reasons. At that time the police personnel had to be practically embarrassed to answer various questions. This year, as in previous years, people with emergency services and online services will benefit a lot if they pass.

Kolkata Police and Joint Commissioner Crime Muralidhar Sharma tweeted all the information related to Lalbazar e-pass after the government directive. Although this pass is only valid in Kolkata police area. A news paper vendor in Beleghata also applauded the idea. According to him, the police make arrests only if they keep their feet outside the house during lockdown. If the specified reasons are not shown, then the problem of the police increases, as before, this year, the people involved in the emergency services will have a lot of benefits. However, there are many restrictions on private and commercial number plates. The driver of the vehicle will also be given an e-pass issued by the Kolkata Police. The pass will be valid till May 30, Kolkata police said. However, the name, phone number, e-mail ID, e-pass of Kolkata Police will be matched only if the specified reason is shown. Although this pass is not valid outside the area of ​​Kolkata Police.

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