June 20, 2021

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‘Food soldier’ ​​on his knees with food in his hands, a picture of a young man from Kolkata

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Kolkata: Helmet on the head 6 The delivery worker stood on his knees with a packet of pizza This picture was shared by the world famous pizza making company 8 to show the intensity of responsibility of their employees The picture posted by them has spread on the net in a blink of an eye For now, the net media is divided over the film Most of them told Kurnish to the young man But many have been vocal on the question of inhumanity The picture is from Kolkata Shovon Ghosh went out to deliver pizza after heavy rains His organization 8 has shared the picture of him standing on his knees According to them, this is how their food soldiers work They call the relevant delivery workers ‘food soldiers’ Just as soldiers never shy away from their duties, so do their delivery staff. Claim pizza company 7 They can deliver food to the buyer even in adverse conditions, the company claims Twitter users praised Shovon who was standing on his knees Many have demanded that the organization should reward such dutiful workers Many have asked if they have received a decent bonus


Online food delivery companies have played a vital role in civic life. For many under house arrest, this delivery service was practically the only way to escape danger. As a result, some have called Shovon ‘Annadata’ However, even if less, there are opinions against it Many have raised the question of inhumanity They claim that in this rainy weather, buyers should not expect pizza to be delivered. The Kolkata-based deliveryman is currently at the center of Twitter’s discussion.

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