June 20, 2021

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Huge cisterns across the bubazar! Why was it made?

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#Kolkata: One and a half years after the Boubazar disaster, the process of lifting the tunnel boring machine Chandi began. One house after another collapsed in Boubazar on August 31, 2019. The cracks in various houses including Durga Pituri Lane, Sakra Para Lane are gradually widening. Then one house after another collapsed like a house of cards. Due to which TBM Chandi got stuck in Durga Pituri Lane of Boubazar.

The other tunnel boring machine Urbi started working underground though. He slowly made his way towards Sealdah station. When Sealdah is reached. Turning his face again, Urbi was brought to Chandi. Then he too will be removed. KMRCL finally started work to remove that tunnel boring machine. A huge cistern has been constructed at Durga Pituri Lane, the metro project construction company, from Esplanade to Sealdah. From which Chandi will be brought. A special machine has been brought from Austria to do that. That machine is known as WTF. Which will lift the tunnel boring machine from about 40 meters below the ground. The basin at the place where this work will be done is about 40 meters long, 10 meters wide and about 35 meters deep.

This deep basin will be surrounded by a total of 130 pillars. That pillar is being made of iron. In this case, each of the pillars will be connected to each other in such a way that the side of the ground does not fall in any way while lifting Chandi. If it collapses again, there will be loss of work. Disasters may come down again in the area. As a result, that work is being done very carefully. The WTF machine has already arrived at Durga Pituri Lane in Boubazar from Austria. The work of making the cistern is over. KMRCL Chief Engineer Civil Bishwanath Dewanji said, “All the necessary steps have been taken to remove TBM. It will take at least six months to do so. Then TBM Chandi can be removed.” One house after another in Boubazar collapsed on August 31 two years ago. Metro work from the Esplanade to Sealdah is underway. Due to which the work of Metro is disrupted. That work has been started following the recommendation of the expert committee. However, TBM Chandi stuck under the ground can no longer work. As a result, he must be removed. On the other hand, when this whole process is completed, the work of building houses will start again in Boubazar.

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