Najehal railway officials applied for permission to board the staff special

#Kolkata: Let the staff board the special train. The number of applications is increasing day by day in multiple offices of the railways. Even DRM office, CPRO office, emergency service counter. More than one passenger is calling everywhere and applying. Railway officials are having a hard time because of the application and folly. The state government has already informed the railways to stop local train services in the state. Local trains have been shut down due to partial lockdown. Only the staff special train is running. Staff special trains are running from Howrah, Sealdah, Kharagpur, Bandel, Burdwan at selected times of the day. And instead of traveling, Bhuri Bhuri application is being submitted to the railway officials. The situation has reached such a point that the railways have become anxious to keep the land phone disconnected.

An appeal was made on behalf of the state government to allow health workers to board their staff special trains. Accordingly, the railways has allowed government and non-government workers to board local trains. According to sources, the Kolkata Municipality had sought permission from the railways to board the staff special train. The rail counter informed them to arrange vaccinations for the municipal railway workers. Then they will also arrange. According to the municipality, it is not possible to give them to everyone as they have not received proper vaccine from the center. As a result, even though this decision is pending, various problems are going on every day while getting up to the staff special. In the meantime, the maids came and visited the Sealdah DRM office. They claim that if they do not come to work, they will lose their jobs. So they should be allowed to board the staff special train.

Rooms have already been set aside for police and health workers. However, according to several railway officials, many people are getting up in the staff special. As a result, the number of victims among the railway workers is increasing. In this case, the people in charge of RPF and ticket checking have been asked to take action. The DRM of Sealdah said, “So many phone calls and letters are coming that we are having trouble this time. Many have come and shown it again. Let the state take care of them. We have no other way to do it.”

In the current situation, the railway officials are thinking that there will be no problem in running the train again.

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