June 15, 2021

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Tolipara shooting closed from Sunday! What is going to be the future of the serial in lockdown

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#Kolkata: Not only in the country but also in the state of Corona, the situation is becoming dire. Many people are being infected with corona every day. The only way to stop Corona in this situation is to keep people at home. And that is why a lockdown has been imposed in the state from 6 am on Sunday, May 16 to 6 pm on May 30. In this situation, the impression of thought was seen in Tolly Para. What will be the shooting of Tolly Para? Sources said that the shooting in Tolly Para will be practically stopped from tomorrow.

Swarup Biswas, president of the federation, said, “The way the Corona situation is getting out of hand, there is no way out except lockdown. In this situation, the instructions given from Nabanna will keep the emergency services open. So in this situation, all shooting in Tolipara is stopped.” For now, all shooting is closed till May 30. After that, Tolly Para will follow the guidelines that will come from the government. However, considering the income of all in the industry, it is also known that some conditional discounts will be applied for later.

The decision was made in consultation with the producers, channel authorities and crew. The artist forum also said, ‘Shooting is currently closed keeping in mind the Corona virus and Nabanna’s guidelines. Now the question is whether the Bengali serials will have to follow the path of rapid telecast like last time. Last time in lockdown, ‘Rani Rasmoni’, ‘Krishnakali’ and ‘Srimayi’ all walked the path of rapid telecast. However, how long viewers will be able to watch the new episode depends on the production house and the channel. The fate of the new episode of the serial depends on how many days they have been shooting back-up episodes. Usually every serial is shot in advance. The episode was shot several days before the telecast. However, the future of ‘Mithai’ and ‘Jamuna Dhaki’ is in the back-up plan. It is known that the serial can be pulled with a new episode in a few days. After that, understanding the situation, there is nothing to do even if you have to walk the path of rapid telecast like last time. Everyone has to accept this decision keeping in mind the words of Corona and the people.

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