June 18, 2021

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‘Aguner Parashamani’ in AC Auditorium, PG’s Woodburn showed a different kind of vaccination!

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#KOLKATA: Corona Vaccination has been completely shut down in the state since the beginning of May. Meanwhile, in the second round of vaccinations, those who took the first dose of Covishield or Covacin in mid-March or at the end of March, fell ill. The first dose may have been taken at a private hospital next to the house. He called to take the second dose and found out that the vaccine was no longer being given there.

There was an initial shock to many of the vaccine hopefuls Inadequate vaccine compared to demand This mentality on him, ‘Will I finally get vaccinated after the government round?’ There was a lot of suspicion in the city Most of them are almost senior citizens. Anxiety was engulfing vaccine hopefuls and their families everywhere However, the picture has changed before the fortnight And that changed picture was seen at the SSKM Hospital, from the Woodburn block to the Salt Lake borough office.

Second Dose Vaccination in Woodburn Block Photo: Collected The second dose vaccination is underway in the Woodburn block
Photo: Collected

The traditional SSKM Hospital premises in the heart of the city. Only the second dose of the covid vaccine has been given here since May 3. You have to come first and register your name. After giving the initial line for him, the vaccine candidate will reach a huge auditorium There is a nice seating arrangement while maintaining physical distance The air-conditioned hall is where you have to wait until your name is called And Ravi Tagore’s song will accompany you in that gap. Sometimes Srikant Acharya, sometimes Lopamudra or Sravani Sen.

The smart device is running ‘Touch the parashamani of fire to the soul’ or ‘I want to hear the ear’ … You will get a call as soon as you hear it, the vaccine. Even after getting the vaccine, you can follow the advice of the health workers and return home with a little rest without saying ‘very happy’. This is how Jayant Dutta Majumder, who works in the field of information technology, got vaccinated. The first dose was taken in the gloomy environment of a private hospital in South Kolkata. Come to PG to take the second one. Jayantar, who is very satisfied with the whole management, said, “I have heard many people have lined up since five in the morning. But I don’t think it is necessary. It is better to have a little time on hand.

Although the picture is not the same, the 60-year-old Ghosh couple took the second dose of the vaccine quite peacefully. At 10:05 am, Rabindra Sarobar reached the health center of Boro office opposite Lake Kalibari and saw a line of only 5 people. After an initial verbal interrogation by the health workers, all three of them received the vaccine coupons. The token number said to come after half past eleven. The husband and wife returned home after an hour and a half. Smiling about the vaccine.

Vaccines are also being administered at borough offices in Dhakuria, Mukundpur and Salt Lake as per the official list. The 75-year-old woman who took the second dose of covacin in a two-day effort at Mukunda Bhavan in Mukundapur is also happy at the end of the day. Many more ‘senior citizens’ waiting in line like him think that such a big task can be such a problem.

The state government has already taken a path of virtual lockdown from Sunday, May 17 to May 30, seeing the situation in the state. In this case, new rules have been introduced in the field of vaccination and different departments have been given different responsibilities for proper vaccination. The state government has issued a notification saying that the general public will be taken care of by the hospitals under the health department and the chief health officers of the concerned districts. On the other hand, the department will look into vaccinating people who are more likely to spread the infection. The matter will be decided after discussing with the district magistrate.

There is a famine of ticks. Because there is no supply of vaccines as per the demand yet. Though there are complications in some cases at the administrative level, the city dwellers think that it will gradually unravel. And in the hope that avoiding small problems, the 16 upper castes will surely get vaccinated from next week. And that light of coming is showing administrative goodwill.

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