June 20, 2021

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Manusher Sathe,Manusher Pashe

Bengal Lockdown: If you need an E-Pass, how to get it from the Kolkata Police site, find out

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#Kolkata: Virtually lockdown situation across the state All areas will be closed without emergency services There are restrictions on the movement of autos, taxis and even private cars on the roads However, for those who are involved in emergency services or who work in online delivery, there is an e-pass system. They can travel by showing this e-pass How to get this e-pass? For that you have to log in to the special site of Kolkata Police By looking at the rules there, if you give the correct information, you can get e-pass 7 You have to write your name, e-mail, police station and why you need this pass Application form 6 will be here You have to fill it with all the information and submit it online Now a QR code 8 will come to your e-mail or phone number By scanning it you will get e-pass 7

In fact, those who have to go out in the lockdown, they will need this e-pass That is why it is better to keep the print of e-pass in the car without keeping it in hand Because it will be easily noticed by the police in charge of traffic The situation is deteriorating day by day In which state 8 has practically walked the path of lockdown

The state government has also controlled the market time (Lockdown in West Bengal) On this day, according to the announcement of the Chief Secretary of the state, the market will be open for three hours throughout the day The market will be open from 8 am to 10 am The grocery store will also be open for those three hours Shops for essentials like milk, fish, meat can also be kept open during these three hours.

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